Slope Guide



Sleds and other similar items are prohibited from entering the lifts and slopes at IIMORI.
Sledding and the use any similar items is only allowed at Family Land in front of Rest house IIMORI.

Exclamation MarkSleds and other prohibited items include anything that matches following
  • No metal edges
  • No leash code
  • Cannot easily stop or control the speed when needed
  • Low view point or narrow scope of view and therefore unsafe to ride

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Other items

The following items are allowed on the IIMORI slopes. Please check your items.

Allowed on all slopes

Chair lift

1st High-speed Chair Lift

Milky Four Chair Lift

Cosmo Four Lift

Iimori 6th Chair Lift

  • snow scoot
  • snow moto
  • dual board

Allowed on limited slopes

Exclamation MarkProhibited at Toomi slope. Do not enter with these items.


Merry Land

Soft Cream

Powder Snow

Chair lift

1st High-speed Chair Lift

Milky Four Chair Lift

Iimori 6th Chair Lift

  • snow drive
  • bocker
  • ※snow skate

※Snowskates are allowed on the Toomi slope. (Available lifts: Toomi Sky Four Lift/ Toomi 1st Pair Lift)

Prohibited for all slopes

Any sleds or similer items

  • zipfy
  • snow racer
  • yukiita

Other than the items listed above, various items exist and many new are introduced every season.
If you have any questions for your items, please feel free to ask us.

Able Hakuba Goryu IIMORI


  • 高速道路乗り放題セットプラン
  • ルポゼ白馬
  • カンパーニュ白馬