Ticket type

Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba 47 lift ticket / season pass.

Ticket centers are able to sell same-day tickets only. Please note that tickets are not sold in advance.

2023-2024 Ticket

Ticket type Kids from 5 years and under Junior 6-12 Youth 13-17 Adult 18-59 Senior 60-79 Grand senior 80+ Note
1 day Free 3,800 5,400 7,500 6,700 Free Beginning – 17:00 (subject to change)
2 day 7,000 10,200 14,000 12,500 Free 2 consecutive days
3 day 9,500 15,000 19,000 17,700 Free 3 days, consecutive or nonconsecutive
Half day 3,200 6,300 Beginning – 13:00 OR 12:00 – close
Disabled Person 1Day 2,500 4,900 Up to one companion for same price
Book of tickets (12 points) 3,800 7,500 All chair lift = 1 point, gondola = 2 points
single ride pass 350 650 Only for a chair lift

※¥500 deposit is required for every ticket. The deposit will be returned when you hand in the ticket.

※Night ski and early morning ski is only available at Toomi slope. For more information please visit:

※Link Night skiing:
Early morning skiing:

  For night ski, please purchase a night ticket (available only at Escal Plaza), Book of tickets (11 points), or single ride pass. Any other type of tickets including 1 day and 2 days tickets cannot be used. For early morning skiing, afternoon’s half day ticket, night ticket and night season ticket cannot be used. All other types of valid tickets can be used.


Every third Sunday is Kids day

Every third Sunday from Dec. to April and 5th May (Kids day), Kids under 12 years old get free 1 day ticket.

Please get free IC ticket at ticket center. ¥500 deposit is required for the ticket. You will get it back when you return the ticket.

Charge on the Web

Once you bought IC ticket, you can charge lift price again for your IC ticket on the Web.

Click here! ↓

web store


Ticket type Adult (13+) Child (6 – 12) Note
1 day 8,500 4,900 Vaild only on the day of purchase
2 day 16,100 9,200 Valid for 4 days from the first day of use
3 day 24,000 13,500 Valid for 6 days from the first day of use
4 day 32,100 17,900 Valid for 8 days from the first day of use
5 day 39,900 22,400 Valid for 10 days from the first day of use
6 day 47,900 26,800 Valid for 11 days from the first day of use
7 day 55,900 31,300 Valid for 12 days from the first day of use
8 day 63,100 35,300 Valid for 13 days from the first day of use
9 day 70,500 39,100 Valid for 14 days from the first day of use
10 day 77,600 43,200 Valid for 16 days from the first day of use

Hakuba Valley Ticket gives you access to 10 mountains of Hakuba, Omachi, and Otari. You can even ski /ride an unlimited number of resorts on a day. For more details please visit the following website.


  • 高速道路乗り放題セットプラン
  • ルポゼ白馬
  • カンパーニュ白馬